Masters in Datascience with Power BI

80 Hours Intense Bootcamp

Learn Python like a Professional! Start from the basics and go all the way to creating your own applications and Analyse data.

This course will acquaint you with the magnificent universe of Python programming!
You will learn the fundamental components of programming and how to build essential Python programs. We will show you how to utilize Python modules, which empower you to profit by the huge range of usefulness that is as of now a piece of the Python language.

This course is the establishment for structure ability in Python programming and data analysis. As the first course in a specialization, it provides the necessary building blocks for you to succeed at learning to write more complex Python programs.
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Tools Covered

Python NumPy Pandas Jupyter MatplotLib Scikit Learn PySpark Microsoft Power BI

Course Features

Learning Track

Data Science and Data Analysis

Course Features

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Masters in Datascience with Power BI

Course Curriculum


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Key Highlights

Average salary in India
₹4,27,293 per annum /- (Entry level)
₹9,09,818 per annum /- (Mid level)

Job Opportunities:

  • Python developer.
  • Software Engineer.
  • Research Analyst.
  • Data Analyst.
  • Data Scientist.
  • Software Developer.

Top Skills You Will Learn:

  • Discover important data structures like dictionaries and DataFrames
  • The art of writing your own Python functions.
  • Understand complex topics, like decorators.
  • Create games with Python, like Tic Tac Toe and Blackjack!
  • Learn advanced Python features, like the collections module and how to work with timestamps!
  • Learn to use Object Oriented Programming with classes!
  • Understand how to use both the Jupyter Notebook and create .py files
  • Get an understanding of how to create GUIs in the Jupyter Notebook system!
  • Visualize real world data with matplotlib, and learn


A skill worth having.

When there is a multitude of career options available, why one should stretch his arms for Python programming. Professionally, Python is great for backend web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing. Many developers have also used Python to build productivity tools, games, and desktop apps.

With the rise of big data, Python developers are in demand as data scientists, especially since Python can be easily integrated into web applications to carry out tasks that require machine learning.

Zero to hero

This course is designed for absolute beginers and thus it has no pre-requisites.
At ConsoleFlare you don't need to be a programmer to begin with python. The course is designed in such a way that anyone can become an expert.
Every concept is taught from basic to advanced and you can ask for a one on one session at anytime, so, you have nothing to worry about. All you need to do is:

  • Have a computer to practice
  • Be ready to learn an insane amount of awesome stuff

Why Us

The reasons to choose Console Flare


Highly Experienced Trainers

All our trainers have more then 6 years of experience in their respective domains.


Industry relevant projects

You get to work on industry relevant projects all based on real world problems and case studies.


Career Support

It is more than just a course. We will prepare you for your dream job with back to back mock interviews and counselling. We will also help you in preparing the best suited resume.

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What Client Says, About Us

We care about delievering the quality work. And we stick by it.
We have gathered the best of the best trainers to fulfill the changing demands of the Industry.
By taking this course you also have an opportunity to directly work on some of our most interesting live projects while learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will gain access to the entire course content including videos and strategies, as soon as you complete the payment and successfully enroll in the course.

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